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  • 17/06/22

    17th June 2022

    Summer is upon us at last and it has been super to see the children enjoying being outside in the glorious weather. 
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  • 10/06/22

    10th June 2022

    I have enjoyed welcoming the children back from the half-term break and as I reflect on all that has occurred this week, it is clear that they have hit the ground running! All manner of trips have taken place, children are preparing for music and LAMDA exams and of course Matilda...
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  • 27/05/22

    27th May 2022

    Today has been filled with Jubilee-themed events, with the most fabulous outfits on show and a wide range of themed activities, including 'games the Queen would play' in Pre-Prep, Jubilee plate decorating, country dancing, portraits of the Queen and learning the National Anthem.
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  • 20/05/22

    20th May 2022

    We have just come to the end of what has been a fabulous International Week and I am so grateful to all of you who so kindly contributed to making it such a success.
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  • 13/05/22

    13th May 2022

    I spoke in Monday's assembly about the extraordinary achievements of Laura Collett, who is one of the world's top Eventing riders and an incredible role model. Laura suffered horrific injuries in a riding accident 9 years ago, in which she also lost her sight in one eye. Her determination to...
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  • 10/05/22

    6th May 2022

    Summer is upon us and has been lovely to watch the children outside enjoying the glorious weather. The cricket season is well and truly under way and a number of the children have already had sessions over at the cricket club with the first matches due to be played next week.
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  • 03/05/22

    29th April 2022

    It has been lovely to see the children return to school this week, full of energy and excitement, and with so much to look forward to this term. In Assembly on Wednesday morning, I showed a picture of Tigger, who personified our excitement about all the Summer term has to offer, and I talked about t...
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  • 25/03/22

    25th March 2022

    It has been a glorious week for us all at school, which has lifted everyone's spirits as we head towards the end of a busy term. The arrival of ducklings yesterday was a real highlight for the children, and some of you may have witnessed their break-out moments via the 'Eggcam' whic...
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  • 20/03/22

    18th March 2022

    It was such fun to see the children bounding into school this morning wearing items of red clothing and some extraordinary designs of houses for their red noses.
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  • 18/02/22

    18th February 2022

    Thank you very much to our parents for bearing with us today, following the decision to close the school as a result of the Storm Eunice weather warnings in place. I am convinced this was the right decision, and I write this having just rescued our trampoline from blowing away in spectacular fa...
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  • 14/02/22

    11th February 2022

    The children have enjoyed the most extraordinary STEAM Week over the past five days, with all manner of fascinating and inspiring events taking place.
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  • 04/02/22

    4th February 2022

    It has been super to be back in school this week, having been laid low with COVID, as many of the children, particularly those in Years 5&6, and also a number of staff were recently.
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