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It’s not so much what we have to say about ourselves, but what others have to say about us that really matters!


Prospective Parent Feedback

"A big thank you for the open morning we attended earlier. We are so impressed with RHS - from the atmosphere, extracurricular activities to the fabulous facilities - starting from the nursery school. We wanted to mention how very impressed we were with all pupils we interacted with, but in particular Piper and Jim (forgive me, I believe that is the name of our tour guides) who gave an exceptionally informative and eloquent tour."

Prospective Parent, May 2023

Parent Feedback

"I just wanted to thank you, on behalf of my whole family, for creating such a fantastic and supportive home-school experience for my son over the past 9 weeks.

Parents have been given the opportunity to see the school through the magnified lens of online lessons that we would ordinarily never have had the chance to experience. It's been inspirational to get to know the teaching methodology and see first-hand the enormous amount of energy, dedication and skill the teachers bring to their lessons.

In particular, the unflappable Mrs. Steer is so engaging, she makes teaching a bunch of wild 4-5 year olds who are literally swinging from the chandeliers at home look like the most natural thing in the world. She has reached out with additional personalised reading assignments for my avid reader and help whenever we needed it. We have never felt so well supported, even though we've been juggling two jobs and two kids at home.

My son had tears of joy in his eyes when he heard he'd made it into the Rainbow Book this week! I'll miss overhearing the motivational assemblies and also Mrs. Lau's music lessons which have made the whole family sing.  

I sincerely hope we never have to do home-school again, but I am so grateful to have been able to see first-hand how dedicated the school is to supporting our kids through their learning journeys".

Rupert House Reception Parent, March 2021


Rupert House, with the opportunities, curriculum and pastoral care they provide, has been life-changing for both of my sons, particularly my eldest. I have watched him change from the nervous child that left his old school at the very beginning of the pandemic, into a confident, articulate team player exercising skills that have been nurtured throughout his time there. His younger brother has only been in Reception for 5 months, but I can already see the results of the care and education he receives. Thank you so much from all of us.

Rupert House Year 5 Parent March 2023

It is the family-oriented approach that the teachers have that makes Rupert House so special. They genuinely seem to care about the school as a whole, but also about each individual child. They make sure that the children are really happy.

Rupert House Parent, March 2022

I love Mr Armitage’s philosophy of letting children be children while pushing also them to reach their full potential. He gets the best out of them. Obviously, not all children are academic, but my daughter's confidence was at rock bottom when she started in September and now she is a child who has made so much academic progress.

Rupert House Parent, 2022

I think that Growth Mindset being so core at Rupert House is absolutely awesome. I feel that emotional resilience is what our kids are going to need. The more they can do with that and help them deal with adversity the better.

Rupert House Parent, 2022


A quick note to say a heartfelt thank you for all the efforts from the past half term from Rupert House in switching to online learning! 

Being able to adjust the syllabus and teaching on a days notice to online learning is an enormous credit to you and your team. At Rupert House you manage to pull together online learning with style and creativity, and a superb curriculum. It's a remarkable achievement. We always notice how happy and convivial the staff are with their classes - particularly the younger members of staff - and how the whole team is driven and positive.

Rupert House Year 5 Parent, February 2021

I think what made Rupert House's remote learning programme so special is the speed of response and feedback by the amazing teaching team! The uploading of completed work has been made so easy, my child could handle it herself. She has become so much more independent in her learning as a result - she loved getting responses back from her teacher. First class, Rupert House!

Fabulous programme and so holistic - went above and beyond the list above - including music, outdoor education, pastoral sessions and even philosophy discussions for kids.

Rupert House Parent, 2020

 We are extremely pleased our son, Monty, joined Rupert House for year 6, after returning to the UK following several years abroad. Monty has thoroughly enjoyed his time at RH, the teachers and children made him feel welcome from his very first day. We have found the culture at the school to be inclusive, kind, ambitious, and happy - which suited Monty perfectly - and which he would not have experienced in an all-boys school.

RH swiftly identified Monty's significant dyslexia (which had not even been raised as a possibility at his previous large international school) and have supported him in managing this challenge with exceptional patience, skill and much welcomed humour. We will be forever grateful for the personal interest RH took to help Monty achieve his potential, both personally and academically, all whilst enjoying himself immensely.

We would wholeheartedly recommend RH to boys and girls of all ages.

Rupert House Parent, 2020

My daughter is so happy at Rupert House, she loves going to school every day. I’ve watched her grow and thrive whilst there and feel so proud and fortunate to be part of such a fantastic school.

Rupert House Parent, 2020

I honestly don’t think that Rupert House could have done any more. Outstanding.

Rupert House Parent, 2020
(with regards to the online learning provision during lockdown)

We would like to take this opportunity to share how incredible the provision of remote learning has been.

RHS is an absolute gem of a school. Thanks to every single member of the school team for their contribution during this uncertain time.

Rupert House Parent, 2020
(with regards to the online learning provision during lockdown)

Thank you so so much for all the time, effort and hard work in providing such brilliant home schooling for our children.

Rupert House Parent, 2020
(with regards to the online learning provision during lockdown) 

The package is incredibly impressive and the operation is slick. The information flow from school is fantastic, yet again I am overwhelmed by the RHS staff and so proud that our girls attend such a wonderful school. Thank you.

Rupert House Parent, 2020
(with regards to the online learning provision during lockdown)

Good Schools Guide 2018

We have two daughters at Rupert House School who joined in Years 1 and 3. It is always a worry moving schools for children, but we were delighted with how welcome our girls were made to feel and how quickly they settled. In the 18 months they have been at Rupert House they have positively thrived. Rupert House is, without doubt, a wonderful, nurturing environment for children, but one in which the teachers ensure children are given the space to grow and learn at their own pace and given support if they need it. The academic curriculum is taught dynamically and the opportunities outside of the academic curriculum are huge: so much music, sport, art, DT and drama. Teaching and non-teaching staff give above and beyond, creating a wonderful school community and providing super role models for our children. We couldn’t recommend Rupert House School highly enough.

Commented on 28th Feb -2018 - Good Schools Guide 2018

My daughter is now in Year 5 at Rupert House having joined in Nursery. Rupert House has given her the confidence to believe in herself and follow her dreams. The curriculum is excellent, with the option of attending a fantastic selection of clubs. A true family school with outstanding pastoral support and great academic results. I would highly recommend it and thank all the staff for their hard work.

Commented on 4th Feb 2018 - Good Schools Guide 2018

Rupert House has taken a very personal approach to each of our daughters. The teachers are both passionate and caring - their diligence and energy is outstanding. They have gone above and beyond our expectations. A nurturing culture exists throughout the school and the curriculum is well rounded with commitment to art, drama, music and sport alike. Our daughters have grown and developed at Rupert House. We are very grateful for the care and attention they receive and would wholeheartedly recommend the school.

Commented on 1st Feb 2018 - Good Schools Guide 2018

Our eldest daughter started Rupert House aged 3 in Rupert Bears (the pre-school). 4 years later she is still very much enjoying school life and is thriving both academically and socially. Her little sister is now following the same path. The curriculum is varied and it's really nice to see so much music and sport incorporated into the timetable alongside the core subjects. The staff, children and parents are lovely. We are very pleased we chose Rupert House for our children and look forward to seeing where it takes them next!

Commented on 19th Jan 2018 - Good Schools Guide 2018

With 2 daughters in Upper School who’ve lived on 4 continents, we can say with assurance that Rupert House School provides a top International benchmark of academic strength, strong extra-curricula sporting activities and a very impressive music/drama/arts program that you would imagine belongs to a much bigger school. Mrs Lynas the amazing Head, leads from the front and all her staff are hand-picked and finely tuned in maturity, years of experience and that sought after element of common sense. Children are drilled in manners, courtesy and respect and stand out in confidence. Rupert House feeds into several of the UK’s most prestigious & top-ranked secondary schools and in our mind it has been worth every penny.

Commented on 19th Jan 2018 - Good Schools Guide 2018

Our Y6 daughter has been at Rupert House since nursery, and it’s been a pleasure to see her thrive and grow there, both academically and in various extra-curricular interests. Teaching is outstanding, with a focus on individual progress and challenge as well as group work - the staff get to know all the pupils well and are able to support and stretch each child as needed. The atmosphere is happy, friendly and conscientious. We’ll be sorry to say goodbye to Rupert House this year, but we know our daughter has been well-prepared for secondary!

Commented on 18th Jan 2018 - Good Schools Guide 2018

My two girls have been at the school since they were 3 and have been extremely happy and well cared for. The teachers are wonderful and always very happy to help if you need to talk to them. I'd highly recommend Rupert House.

Commented on 18th Jan 2018 - Good Schools Guide 2018


Parent Survey

I love the school and my daughters have been happy there every single day. The teachers are dedicated and the opportunities have been brilliant for my daughters. All in all, a wonderful school and a lovely environment.

Sending my daughter to Rupert House was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Sport and lacrosse in particular has given me so much opportunity to learn, to travel and to make friends with interesting people. My biggest moments were winning Schools Nationals, being part of a Wales Under 21 side that defeated England (and won the home internationals) winning a sports scholarship to Durham and appearing in BUCS Finals. It was at Rupert House that I first developed a love of sport.

Rachel Phillips, Senior Physiotherapist, Lewisham NHS Trust


Rupert House’s last standard inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) was in January 2020

  • Pupils' attainment is outstanding. They make excellent progress across the school.
  • The quality of pupils' personal development is excellent.
  • Pupils demonstrate exemplary attitudes towards learning and achievement

The ISI conducted two Compliance Inspections in 2017. An issue relating to the appointment of peripatetic music staff was identified in the first inspection and this was swiftly rectified. The school is fully compliant with all safeguarding requirements and has a clean bill of health with ISI.