• Rupert House is academically inspiring

  • Rupert House is co-educational

  • Rupert House is at the heart of Henley

  • Rupert House is active

  • Rupert House is for life

Inspection Reports

Rated 'Excellent' in all available categories by the ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate).

This was just one of the glowing tributes in the latest ISI report that judged Rupert House School to be ‘Excellent’ in both headline categories:  the pupils’ achievements and their personal development.

Inspectors observed the pupils’ excellent personal development with regards to general behaviour, self-confidence, self-awareness and social skills, as well as noting that the children exhibit ‘extremely proficient communication skills’.  They attributed this strength of self-confidence and resilience to the teachers’ encouragement and ‘have a go’ attitude.

Staff were also commended for their ‘highly enthusiastic’ and ‘highly effective’ teaching, offering a high level of challenge and support.

The school was praised for its attitude towards learning and achievement.  Pupils’ achievement is deemed to be ‘Excellent’ overall with their reading, writing, comprehension, mathematics, knowledge and understanding all being advanced for their age.  Non-academic achievements were adjudged to be ‘outstanding’.

The report highlights the strong emphasis placed on the Arts and Sport by leadership and governance. It also states that ‘Rupert House fully meets its aim to deliver excellent opportunities for every pupil’ and underlines the fact that ‘pupils are highly successful in obtaining places at the destination schools of their choice’.