Our Commitment

Rupert House offers excellent opportunities to all its pupils. We believe the best learning happens in academic environments that are full of diverse beliefs, pursuits and backgrounds. We use a set of values as a framework for  personal development and to prepare our pupils for life beyond Rupert House.

Our Values:

Courage:  RHS pupils have the confidence to explore and take risks in their learning.  They develop their own opinions and voices; they relish new areas of challenge and they learn to speak out courageously.  They make thoughtful, moral choices and act with integrity.

Creativity: RHS pupils find individual ways to solve problems; they make new links between subjects and ideas; they express themselves in effective and original ways through the Arts and in all other areas of the curriculum.

Respect: RHS pupils understand the importance of showing courtesy to all; they demonstrate sportsmanship; they respect differences of opinion and celebrate diversity amongst their peers and within the wider community.

Resilience:  RHS pupils show grit and determination; they manage feelings of exhilaration and disappointment and they understand that success requires perseverance. They are encouraged not to compare themselves with others but to achieve their personal best.


Our Delivery:

In partnership with parents and through our Academic, Extra-curricular, Outdoor Education and Prep School Baccalaureate programmes, we deliver:

* Excellent opportunities for each child

* High standards through inspirational lessons with specialist teachers

* Excellent pastoral care through listening to children and nurturing respectful relationships

Creativity through teamwork and fun

* Skills in collaboration, independence, leadership and resilience

* A commitment to the community and to a wider social responsibility

We discover each child’s individual pathway and prepare them for life beyond Rupert House.


Rupert House School Year 1 Classroom