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Learning Support

At Rupert House we encourage children to become confident, independent learners helping them to reach their full potential.  We recognise that all children learn differently and because of this, our teachers use a range of multi-sensory, differentiated and creative methods as part of their everyday teaching.  However, children often need a little bit of extra support and our dedicated Learning Support team is on hand to help your child at any point during their time at Rupert House. 

Whether these needs are to do with their learning and understanding, sensory or physical needs, social or emotional support, their communication and interaction or to support their mental health, our experienced specialist teachers work closely with parents, children, teaching staff and outside professionals, when appropriate, to develop programmes which are tailored to suit your child.  As a result of a whole team approach, our children respond enthusiastically to the warm, fun and encouraging environment whether it be 1:1, small group or in class support.