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School Fees

The fees at Rupert House are updated on an annual basis.

Termly Fees for the Academic Year 2021/22

General Fees Fee Per Term
Nursery £3,590
Pre-Prep (Reception to Year 2) £4,040
Prep (Years 3 to 6) £4,960

Fee Assistance

The Board of Governors believes that the best learning happens in academic environments full of diverse beliefs, pursuits and backgrounds, and learning in such an environment prepares children for their next schools and life beyond. It is also committed to making the School affordable and convenient for families in Henley seeking the benefits of a private education. In delivering these objectives, the School offers a programme of fee assistance:

  1. Sibling discounts are offered to families for their second and subsequent children.
  2. Bursaries are means-tested financial support offered to pupils who meet and maintain the normal selection criteria.
  3. Pioneer discount. Lower fees are offered to pupils entering a year group where there are no or very few pupils of the same gender and their experience will be inferior to that of pupils of the other gender. Currently, the Board has assessed that the initial boys entering Years 3-6 as the School moves to become fully coeducational will not have the same experience as the girls' in certain areas which will be reflected temporarily in a reduced level of fees. Boys in Years 3-6 will be subject to the normal fee schedule once their experience and opportunities are equivalent to those of girls.
  4. Advance Payment of fees whereby more than one term’s fees can be paid in advance.

Click below to find out more about fee assistance at Rupert House in our Fee Assistance Policy.