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Privacy Notice

Who we are

We are Rupert House School, whose principal site is at 90-92 Bell Street, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 2BN.


What information we keep and why

We process personal data relating to learners, parents, staff, Governors and Trustees of our organisation.

All data we process is in accordance with the rules as laid down in statute, including the General Data Protection Regulations (from May 2018), the Education Act 1986, the Education and Skills Act 2008 and the Apprenticeship, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009.

We use personal data about learners and parents to ensure that we fulfil our legal obligation to offer educational opportunities to our learners, and are able to look after the needs and requirements of everyone in our learning community. We use personal data about our staff to ensure that we can support them in offering teaching and learning and in their personal development.

Where we rely on consent to process personal data about individuals in our learning community, we ensure that we obtain that consent freely and in a positive manner. Anyone whose personal data is processed on the basis of consent can withdraw that consent easily and quickly.


Who will see your personal data

We will only share your information with people who have a legal or operational reason to see it. This will be in line with our legal obligations and with the lawful and legitimate requirements of the business. For learners, this could include anyone directly involved in planning, providing or supporting educational opportunities. For parents, this could include anyone who needs to be involved in conversations about your child’s progress at our school.

All staff personnel files are held securely by the Bursar, and are only available to the Bursar and Senior Management.

Personal data about Governors is held by the Clerk to the Governors (the Bursar). It is only available to the Clerk, and is kept in order to ensure that Rupert House School complies with our legal obligations regarding Governance.

In certain circumstances, we may need to share information with partners including the Local Authority, Social Services or the Police. This will only be done where strictly necessary, and the information shared will be limited to what is appropriate to the specific circumstances.


What data will be kept

We are required to keep some personal data, even after you have left our learning community.

All staff are given a copy of the Policy outlining retention periods for information on their Personnel files. This includes how data is stored, who might access it, and when it will be securely destroyed.

Any personal data that we are required to keep about learners is securely stored on an encrypted database and/or the secure school network, with access limited to staff. It will not be accessed except in response to a query about our actions in the education of a particular learner. No decisions will be made about you based on this data and you will not suffer any detriment or harm by having it stored on our secure systems.

We keep an overall summary of attainment and performance of learners in our school, in order to monitor trends in teaching and learning. This data is anonymised and does not allow us to identify individual learners, 2 full academic years after they have left our learning community (or kept for 25 years if a pupil has worked with SEN staff).

The collection of this information will benefit teaching and learning by:

  • Helping us to design curriculum and activities to address need
  • Ensuring we focus on continual improvement in teaching and learning
  • Ensuring we train and support our staff in the areas that matter
  • Tailoring our resources to the issues that matter most to our learning community


How we will contact you

We will need to contact parents and learners for a range of reasons. We will only contact you on relevant school business. We will use the contact details that you provide to us as our main source of communication.

We use the following means of communicating with parents; post, email, SMS and the Parent Portal. We take all due care when sending information out to parents, to ensure that it is only seen by the intended recipients.


Seeing the information we hold about you

You can ask to see a copy of all the information we hold about you. To do this, you can write to us, email us at office@ruperthouse.oxon.sch.uk, or ring us on 01491 574263.