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Mrs Alice Fletcher

Deputy Head Academic

Rupert House has always been on my radar. Growing up in Oxfordshire, I had good friends at the school and in my teen years I walked past the big blue door many times whilst working at the regatta, the festival and at Phyllis Court. However, it was not until a few years later that I finally stepped behind that blue door.

In the interim, I completed a Business Management degree at The University of Leeds. Not long into my degree, I realised that ‘The City’ might not be for me, after all, and I got involved with helping in a Year One class in an inner-city school in Leeds. Although tough, that was where I fell in love with teaching. So off I set down the path to becoming a teacher, which I did at Roehampton University. After a couple of years teaching in London, I took the opportunity to broaden my horizons further and I set off for the bright lights of Dubai, where I taught an international curriculum to children from all over the world. Then it was back to London to work at two highly-regarded Prep schools and I took on the role of Head of Curriculum.

My next adventure was four years in Australia where, as soon as school finished, all the children headed off to surf school and I to the beach for some sunshine and a dip in the Pacific Ocean. Finally, I completed my circle, coming back to family in Oxford and then to Henley, with a boy who grew up in Henley and whose sister was at Rupert House.

You can probably tell that I love to explore the world and in the school holidays I am often found jetting off to far-flung destinations. I enjoy low-key yoga and social netball to keep fit. At weekends you will often find me walking in the local woods or baking make my own sourdough bread.