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17th September 2021

This first full week of term has been a fun one, with Year 3 setting the tone on Monday when they came into school in costume for Roald Dahl. The children have enjoyed the sunnier weather and being able to be outside wherever possible has, I am sure, helped them to settle back into the school routine.

In my Monday assembly, I continued on the theme of setting targets and the importance of needing to work hard if we are to achieve them. Emma Radicanu's incredible story at the U.S. Open just the previous weekend provided a perfect example of what can be achieved with determination, hard work and a positive mindset. In fact, it was super that she talked in particular about her mindset in her winner's speech, which is so important for the children to understand from an early age. I am sure she will have inspired children across the world to aim high in whatever endeavour they choose to focus on. 

With the start of the new academic year, we have also embarked on a relationship with a new catering company, Accent Catering, who are enthusiastically settling in and are keen to ensure the provision for the children is of the highest standard. Inevitably, with change, there comes a bedding-in period, and the team are adjusting the menus to ensure they are appreciated by the children. Please see the letter from Mrs Newman below, which talks about this in more detail. 

We are enjoying being able to welcome the parents onsite now, and the new system of pre-prep parents dropping off their children via the Courtney's entrance appears to be working smoothly. Thank you for being considerate towards our neighbours on Bell Lane, both in terms of minimising the noise that is made there and their need for access around the time at which you are arriving with your children.

We look forward to seeing those of our parents who are new to the school in the past two years and who have RSVP'd at the Coffee Morning in the main School Hall from 8.15am-9am on Tuesday 21st September. Please can we ask you to arrive and depart via the Courtney's entrance on Bell Lane in order to minimise the noise and potential disruption to the start of the school day. The Chairman and a couple of other Governors are planning to be present, as are the form reps and it will be a lovely opportunity to engage with them, members of the Senior Management Team and other new parents to the school. In order to minimise the potential spread of infection to the school community, please can those attending conduct a lateral flow test on Tuesday morning before arriving at school.

We have planned subsequent coffee morning for current parents in the Prep School for this term, the dates for which are as follows:

Tuesday 5th October - Year 6; Tuesday 2nd November - Year 5; Tuesday 16th November - Year 4; and Tuesday 30th November - Year 3. 

Further coffee mornings for our pre-prep parents will be announced when they are confirmed.

Tomorrow, Henley celebrates the return of their Olympic and Paralympic athletes, with various events planned from 10am. This promises to be a very special event and I am sure that many of you will choose to take your children to experience it first-hand. More details can be found below. https://www.henleytowncouncil.gov.uk/event/heroes-return

I hope you all have a super weekend.

With best wishes,

Nick Armitage, Head