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Mrs Susie Newman

Deputy Head Pastoral

I was born and brought up in London, of which I am enormously proud, and I have fond memories as a very young teenager of travelling ‘into town’ on my own and beachcombing the banks of the Thames. I attended a wonderful old grammar school where I developed my love of sport, foreign languages and music. After school I spent an incredibly happy three years in the beautiful city of Durham where I studied Russian.

Straight out of Uni, and admittedly a tad green behind the ears, I secured my first job in Lloyds Bank International in the City, first working in the International Loans Admin department (where I was forced to use my least favourite subject of maths, needing to calculate the interest chargeable on multi-million rollover loans), then after 8 months posted to their Hong Kong office. I spent 7 glorious years there, living the dream as an ex-pat.

There I met my husband, and once our daughter had been born a few years later we decided the time was right to return to Blighty for our parents to enjoy their grandchildren growing up, and we settled as a family in Henley. From there I established my own London property management business, which I ran for about 9 years.

When my daughter was leaving Rupert House, I applied for a TA job there on a whim. The rest, as they say, is history and I am still here, 22 years later, having grown through the ranks. Our two grown up children have flown the nest and we are immensely proud of them; our daughter is a third-generation teacher, and our son is living his own dream in Germany, being a professional hockey player and brewer of beer. In my spare time I continue to play league hockey every week, I love to swim, to listen to music and to go for long walks.