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Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7)

Key Stage 1

Having completed the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in Reception, Rupert House children in Years 1 and 2 go on to follow the National Curriculum with a timetable structured to balance child-directed play with adult support so that pupils view learning as an exciting and personal journey.

Our experienced staff foster a family atmosphere encouraging creativity, thoughtfulness and kindness to others to give children a positive, enjoyable and memorable start to their academic life and each child is allowed to develop at his or her own pace.

Great emphasis is placed on reading and phonics with children taking home reading books and being given weekly spellings in both Years 1 and 2.  Once in Year 2, the children are also given Times Tables and Mathematics homework.

In Years 1 and 2, pupils continue to have specialist teaching in ICT, music, sport and French. They continue to develop their French-speaking skills through interactive activities and role plays.