• Rupert House is academically inspiring

  • Rupert House is co-educational

  • Rupert House is at the heart of Henley

  • Rupert House is active

  • Rupert House is for life

Mariella Lait (nee Rycart)

I was at Rupert House from 1986 until 1993, from Nursery with Mrs Rowe until I was 12, with Mrs Chamberlain who was also the deputy headmistress.

There were just 6 of us in that final year (it doesn’t exist now) and my goodness we had fun!

My memories are dominated by sport, art and performing arts - we did some really ambitious productions both at school and at The Kenton Theatre, but we must have done some learning along the way as well. I went on to St Mary’s Ascot and then Bristol University, and now I’ve very happily come full circle back to Rupert House as a parent, with Matilda, Wilbur, Ariadne and Rufus all thriving from the same nurturing experience that I had there.

My mother, uncles and aunts all went to Rupert House in the 1950s / 60s, along with my sister Jemima and brother Freddie in the 1990s. Let’s hope my grandchildren all go too in a few more decades.

Mariella Lait