• Rupert House is academically inspiring

  • Rupert House is co-educational

  • Rupert House is at the heart of Henley

  • Rupert House is active

  • Rupert House is for life

Liz Longley (nee Montgomery)

I was at Rupert House from, I think 1974 to 1977.  I was a pupil and more recently a parent of Sabrina and Rebecca Longley.

My most significant memories are:

  • I remember the Mulberry tree.  It was beautiful then and we could climb over it.  We all had a great time playing on it.  Mothers netball matches which were embarrassing for me as I found out, too late, that my mother was a very good netball Goal Shooter! 
  • Miss Edmunds was my Head Mistress, Audrey Millar my piano teacher. 
  • Writing lessons - I managed to get ink everywhere! 
  • I was Head Girl for a term.

I was very happy at Rupert House.  It gave me a very secure and happy time in my childhood.  I had lovely friendships.  As a direct result, I was pleased that both my daughters went to school at Rupert House.

Walking through the door as a parent, it smelt the same and had the same lovely atmosphere. Weird but true!

Liz Longley