• Rupert House is academically inspiring

  • Rupert House is co-educational

  • Rupert House is at the heart of Henley

  • Rupert House is active

  • Rupert House is for life

Claire Wouters (nee Emmett)

I went to Rupert House from 1989 to 1994.

My strongest memories include dance shows at the Kenton, ESB speeches judged by 2 different Dr Who’s!, curtsying to the headmistress at the end of each day, going into the headmistress’s office for end-of-term merits and Carol services in St Mary’s Church.

I went to Queen Anne’s School and then Bristol University to study French and philosophy, then became a solicitor.

I think Rupert house gave me a wonderful foundation of confidence, a variety of interests and a positive attitude to learning.  It was a very happy time in my life, full of laughter and friendships, which is why I chose to send my daughters there.