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Year 5 visit Maidenhead Mosque

Year 5 enjoyed a trip to Maidenhead Mosque on Monday 13th March. Our host, Zia, explained all the features of the mosque and the children were able to share their amazing knowledge from their RE lessons this term.

When we entered the mosque, we all had to take our shoes off as a sign of respect and we put our shoes on the racks provided. The female teachers were expected to wear a headscarf. We read a small part of the Qu’ran (in English, obviously!) and looked at the ornately carved doors, calligraphy on the walls, the decorated tiles and the chandeliers which come from different Muslim countries around the world. Zia talked about the five prayer times each day and demonstrated how Muslims pray. He also showed the children the area where the people complete ‘wudu’ (washing rituals before prayer). It was a fascinating visit – we were all impressed by how beautiful it was inside and how soft the carpets were! Zia complimented the children on their amazing knowledge and their politeness and consideration of others.

The teachers were very proud!

Maidenhead Mosque