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A week full of trips

This week has been a busy one for trips in the Prep School!

Year 3 Verulamium Museum

Year 3 visited the Verulamium museum on Thursday. During their visit the children learned all about what life was like in St Albans (Verulamium) during the time of the Romans. In their first session, they became Romans and Celts and explored the marketplace in Verulamium. They discovered how the Romans traded as well as the type of clothing they wore. The children were able to get hands-on with some of the artefacts and used their reasoning and critical thinking skills to find items that Romans would have used for bathing, cooking and to make themselves look nice (including very extravagant bathing habits).

We then had the opportunity to explore the museum galleries and went on a short walk to the hypocaust in Verulamium park before lunch. During the second session, the children got to explore more Roman artefacts and apply some more of their reasoning and critical thinking skills to try and work out what they might have been used for.

They had the most amazing day!


Year 4 Living Rainforest

Year 4 had a great trip to the Living Rainforest centre near Thatcham today. The children learned about biodiversity and adaptation for tropical environments by observing rainforest plants and animals firsthand and asking our expert tour guides questions about the centre’s amazing collection of rainforest life.


Year 6 - Trenchard Museum

Year 6 enjoyed visiting the Trenchard Museum. They learned all about World War 1 and the work of the Royal Air Force to support their History topic this term. They discovered what life was like as a soldier in the early 1900's, including handling weapons, sampling bully beef and biscuits and playing with period toys.