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Year 2 visit the Story Museum

Year 2 took a trip to The Story Museum in Oxford this week.

The children were amazed by the enchanting story forest which was engulfed by talking trees that whispered stories to them. They learned about Bard, an old storyteller from the past whose adventure inspired him to share stories with all.

It was a delight to see the children become entranced by the enchanted library, where things were not as they seemed! From original books, drawings and figurines to interactive story rooms, there was so much to explore!

Whether it was playing pooh sticks, writing at C.S. Lewis’s desk or exploring the upside-down world of Alice in Wonderland, all the children were mesmerised. It didn’t end there though, they were captivated by the world of secret portals and loved working in teams to create freeze frames which captured the beginnings of their portal stories. The trip ended with a peaceful and serene walk around the picturesque botanical gardens, watching punting, and enjoying Oxford’s architecture. 

Year 2 trip