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Year 2/3 ‘Mix-Up’ day

We are always looking for opportunities to get different year groups together and with Years 4-6 away at Young Voices we grabbed the opportunity to have another ‘Mix-Up’ day for the children in Years 2 and 3.

It gave the Year 3 children the chance to show the Year 2 children what life is like in the Prep part of the school.

After a welcome morning playtime together, the children were split into four mixed groups. There were four activities which the groups did on a rota, spending 25 minutes in each activity. The activities were:

  • Art with Mrs Pepper and Mrs Poulter in the Art room: the children really enjoyed making beautiful and very colourful 3D fish – watch out for them around the school.
  • Science with Mrs Miller and Mrs Harris in the Science lab: the children donned white coats and goggles and became real scientists. They carried out ‘Glitter Explosions’ (creating a chemical reaction with sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice), which was very exciting!
  • Wellbeing with Mrs Newman and Mrs Lamb in a Year 3 classroom: the children started with some calming meditation, which they all really enjoyed. This was followed by the ‘Electric fence’ challenge. The children were challenged with crossing over or under the fence (which obviously wasn’t electric!) in different ways, with the level of difficulty increasing and with the focus on teamwork.
  • ICT with Mrs Fletcher and Mrs T in the ICT room. Great excitement for all using the devices and the digital pens to create pictures. It was a good opportunity for the Year 3s to show the Year 2s how ICT works in the Prep.

After all this fun, the two year groups had lunch and playtime together – with only two year groups there was plenty of space to run around, to play football and to be the champions of the playground!

The afternoon was spent at Forest School where there was an important job to do; because it had been Chinese New Year at the weekend, the Chinese dragons had swooped down on Forest School and had scared away all the little Forest people. The children were charged with decorating the trees to encourage the Forest people to return. In the glorious sunny weather they worked in small groups and had a great time decorating every corner of our wonderful Forest School. The day ended with a welcome hot chocolate and cake courtesy of chef Barry.

It was wonderful to see the Year 2 and 3 children mingling so happily and, safe to say, a great day was had by all!