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World Book Day

On Thursday 7th March it was World Book Day – the most exciting day in the English calendar!

Children from Nursery, all the way up to Year 6, dressed up in an array of fantastic, original and creative costumes, and all the teachers were incredibly impressed with the effort involved. Children were treated to a video of MC Grammar’s “World Book Day Song” during assembly, to which the children who attended Young Voices back in January sang along to.  

After assembly, the children went to their houses and took part in a shared storytelling. This saw the teachers from each house reading to the children, and in some cases even included the children reading storybooks to each other.

This year, every class in the school enjoyed the same book: The Dragon Machine, by Helen Ward. Here’s a little snapshot of what the children got up to on the day!  

Reception arrived full of beans and ready to show off their costumes! They had a lovely variety of costumes and they’re still working their way through all the books that the children shared. They read the class book, ‘The Dragon Machine’, and designed their own Dragon Machines – even writing captions to label all the parts!  

Year 1 had a great time celebrating World Book Day. They started the day by colouring bookmarks before heading off to assembly to see everyone's fab outfits! In Literacy, they wrote and drew about the character they came into school as before reading 'The Dragon Machine'. They then designed their very own dragon machine. We wonder where they will travel to!  

Year 2 had a brilliant day dressed as their favourite characters, celebrating World Book Day. After reading The Dragon Machine together they secretly drew a dragon, and using their imaginative language, described what their dragon looked like whilst their partner drew it. We loved seeing all the outcomes! 

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed reading 'The Dragon Machine'! The children invented their own dragon machine based on emotions and used incredible adjectives to describe them.

Year 4 had a fun and colourful day. They had a Henley Youth Festival samba dancing workshop in the morning, followed by a ‘Rude Science’ workshop at the Kenton Theatre. It was a great opportunity to parade their costumes on their walk through Henley. They finished the day by reading The Dragon Machine. Each child wrote a short summary of the book and designed their own dragon. What a busy day!  

Year 5 were given a selection of various images from The Dragon Machine and were challenged to draw the rest of the picture without having seen the book first. The results were interesting and at times hilarious! They then read the story as a group and tried to spot the sections of the pictures that they had been given, comparing the differences.   

Year 6 read 'The Dragon Machine' before using the fantastic illustrations and story to continue creating their own story books online – these promise to be absolutely wonderful and will be shared in the Big Blue Door before the Easter holidays! 

Our school chef, Barry, made us some Wonka Bars as our morning snack which was very exciting!

Overall, it was a fantastic day. Hopefully, the children have come away with a continued love of reading. Please don’t forget to use their World Book Day tokens to get a free book, or £1 off a book.