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The bouldering wall is officially open!

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On Monday 13th November, we were joined by local high-altitude mountaineer, Garth Miller, who officially opened our new school bouldering wall which was installed over the summer holidays and made possible through the fundraising efforts of the Friends of Rupert House.

Before taking the opportunity to climb on the wall with Mr Armitage and children across all year groups, Garth talked about how his climbing adventures started on a wall just like this one.

He shared an amazing video and some photos from his recent successful Everest climb and talked about the key themes of courage and resilience. He discussed the special kind of courage required to try things that you haven’t done before, especially if you don’t know if you will be able to succeed at first. “You might not be able to do it – yet, but you all have a ‘superpower’. If you can just remember the words ‘Don’t Quit!’ then everyone can be a superhero.”

Garth said, “it was an absolute pleasure to come back to Rupert House and help everyone to see how important the values of courage and resilience are”. His message is one based on a growth mindset and reminds us that being brave and trying new things can lead to an exciting journey. “This wall is perfect, with 4 different levels of difficulty. It really can be enjoyed by all. I loved seeing children who initially were too scared to climb get involved – using their new superpower!”

Garth Miller Wall Opening