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Teachers Matter

Teachers Matter - Collaboration, Culture and Challenge. On 22nd April, nine of the staff team gave up their Saturday to attend a fascinating IAPS conference at Holme Grange school - and it reminded us all of the joy of our profession!

We heard from a number of inspirational speakers and the 'buzz' around the school was palpable, networking with colleagues and doing what we ask our children to do every day.

Teachers play a significant role in the development of the nation’s youth and this role has changed over the years as Lulu Luckock said 'children face a range of issues previous generations never had to'. Learning how to teach emotional literacy and understanding why this is so important, together with the importance of building positive and effective relationships in the classroom with Jim Roberson  led well into Adele Bates’ active and engaging session about supporting whole class regulation and maintaining positive behaviours for learning in the classroom. The scary guy challenged us to take the 7 day 7 night challenge.

Ian Warwick shared some invaluable insights into how we bring appropriate high challenge into the classroom with Dr James Mannion and Roger Sutcliffe giving many ideas on 'How to create more confident, proactive, independent learners' and 'a scheme for teaching and managing thinking'  Gavin Clowes gave us a 'taste of Kagan' which post pandemic supports active engagement of all our pupils in our lessons and Ben Kingston-Hughes reminded us what learning should really be about - 'Joy, Wonder and Curiosity' and Andy Carley looked at outdoor learning to embed teaching character in our schools.

Hannah Wilson  shared thoughts and encouraged debate on creating belonging for all whilst Bennie Kara FCCT FRSA and Dr Rob Power gave enlightening sessions on Diversity in the Curriculum and 'A Global Curriculum - Interdisciplinary Thinking and Total Inclusivity'

A fantastic day, inspiring and thought provoking - the energy and enthusiasm of the teachers and speakers was uplifting!

Nick Armitage, Head

Teacher conference