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Talking about 'stress' in the Happy Hub

In the Prep Happy Hub this week Mrs Harris and Madame Sheriff talked to the children in Years 2, 3 and 6 about using coping strategies to deal with stress.

The children were encouraged to express how they feel when they are stressed (e.g. faster heart rate, stomach pain and tight muscles). They talked about their worries (such as moving to secondary school, friendship issues or ESB exams) and wrote their worries on a piece of paper before sticking it to a piece of lego.

They filled a “Stress bucket” with stressors and discussed healthy coping strategies to “empty the stress bucket”.

Everyone had different coping suggestions including listening to music, drawing, exercising, going outside, or stroking a pet. It was great for us all to see that we all have different bucket sizes and we all have different strategies to empty our bucket before it overflows.

Happy hub