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STEAM workshops for Year 5

5W enjoyed a fabulous trip to Leighton Park on Thursday 25th January.

They participated in a DT workshop which focused on making motorised buggies that had to tackle steep terrain. The theme of resilience and perseverance prevailed throughout.

We learned that it had taken Mr Dyson over 5000 attempts to make a functional cyclone-style vacuum and that he had learned from each mistake along the way.

The children Loved being in a senior school environment and lunch was also a hit, with most children going up for seconds. They also experienced 2 silences which are part of the Quaker school approach and were an opportunity for them to reflect.

Well done Year 5 and thank you, Leighton Park!

Whilst 5W were at Leighton Park, 5R enjoyed a Batik Workshop in the Rupert House Art room with Mrs Poulter and Deborah Ince, Leighton Park School's textiles teacher. They were each given an A3 drawing of an eye which the children embellished with their own patterns, before then using hot wax to trace the design onto fabric. Their next step is to dye the fabric to bring their creations to life!