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Spreading the joy of chocolate this Easter

Today we delivered 185 Easter eggs to the NOAMD foodbank in Henley.

Rupert House families collected together over 185 Easter eggs over the past 2 weeks which the Year 6 pupils took to the D2 centre this morning. This is the third year we have done this. We hoped to beat the number donated last year, and we did so by an extra 55 eggs!

Jaco Bruwer from the organisation thanked the school for collecting and taking the eggs to the foodbank. He said “Over the next week or so we will be delivering the Easter eggs to the 140 children that NOMAD supports in the local area. The rest of the eggs can be distributed at the centre, for example via our youth club, or to the elderly. Adults love getting Easter eggs too!”

Hopefully, this means that now every child in Henley will receive an Easter treat this year.

Mr Armitage said, “This is a wonderful illustration of how even modest gestures of kindness can significantly impact others' lives. I am extremely grateful to the families of Rupert House who generously donated Easter eggs and especially proud of the children who took the time to choose and purchase an egg using their own money. This act of generosity exemplifies the remarkable influence schools and pupils can have on their local communities. Witnessing young individuals actively engage in assisting those in need and fostering positive change in the local community is truly heartening.

Easter eggs for NOMAD