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Rupert House form guard of honour

On Saturday 26th March, Rupert House pupils were very excited to be invited to form the guard of honour at the start of the Henley Hawks vs. Rochford Hundred match. 

The children, from Reception through to Year 6, cheered as the players entered the pitch and then watched the match from the sidelines, together with parents and friends.

It was a close game, and Henley Hawks fought hard to the end, but it was Rochford Hundred that held their ground to take a deserved 3 point win.

Our partnership with Henley Rugby Club is invaluable. Rupert House pupils are very fortunate to have access to Henley Hawks coaches and the rugby club facilities on a weekly basis, with rugby, hockey and cross-country games sessions and extra-curricular clubs regularly taking place within their grounds. 

Guard of Honour