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International Week 2024

This week we have been celebrating different countries from across the world and their cultures. 

International Week is a wonderful way of raising pupils’ awareness of cultural diversity and a great opportunity for them to find out more about the big wide world. This year they travelled a long way - learning a lot whilst having fun. They even enjoyed a taste of America, Mexico, China, Spain, England and Scotland thanks to a delicious international lunch menu from our school kitchen.

To celebrate International Week, the Year 6 children were given a very interesting presentation on Brazil by Clarissa and her mum. They learned about Brazilian traditions, culture, geography, food and even tried some delicious “Brigadeiro”. A big thank you to Clarissa and her mum for sharing their expertise on Brazil! Yi Jia also offered a great presentation on Malaysia to her peers.

The Year 5 children took part in a French scavenger hunt, finding clues related to famous landmarks and French delicacies.


The Year 4 children chatted to children in a Third Grade class (the equivalent to Year 4 in the UK) in the city of Ithaca in upstate New York in the United States (the city in the US where Mr Dwinell went to university). We learned about many interesting similarities and differences between our two schools and educational systems. 

Year 4 have also been learning about France and French culture. They went on a scavenger hunt around the school and had to find clues to retrieve photos of famous French landmarks and food. They also welcomed Mrs Tonks into school who told them about Scottish Ceilidh dancing and they all had a go at it themselves. They learned that children in Scotland do Ceilidh dancing in their sports lessons at school.

Mrs Ihnatko offered an excellent presentation on Ukraine. They were fascinated to learn about the country, the food, traditions, famous football players, but also they were really touched to understand Ariana and her family’s journey.

In Year 3, Coco’s parents both came and shared a really interesting presentation on India and in Year 2, Mrs Hayes spoke to the children about Germany and made some wonderful cuckoo clocks with them.

Year 3 International Week

Reception also studied France with Madame Sheriff. The children learned about famous French landmarks in Paris. They helped Camembert the French bear to find 10 colourful Eiffel towers that were hidden outside! They were able to count them in French and name all the colours too. Bravo Reception!

Back in the classroom, Reception W learned about India, studying the map of the country before colouring it in. They made their own Rangoli patterns and talked about the different animals that live in India.

Reception learning about France

“Camembert” the French bear also paid a special visit to the Nursery children to celebrate International Week. He taught them how to say “hello” in French or “Bonjour”! The children learned about the colours of the French flag, the Eiffel tower and French food too.

Reception S studied New Zealand and enjoyed learning how to do the Haka!

Mrs Pearson called from South Africa and Mrs Benson gave the children a great presentation on New Zealand.

Nursery have been finding out about Scotland. The children enjoyed learning about the 'spurtle' for stiffing porridge from Mrs Warner and she showed them the little kilt that her son George wore to a family wedding.


Year 1 have been celebrating Ireland this week. On Wednesday they made delicious soda bread, carefully measuring out the ingredients before mixing it all together. They then used their fingerprints to paint the Irish flag. On Thursday, Mr Meagher came in and talk to the children about Ireland. He told us all about growing up in Ireland and how each child learned Irish dancing and we were then treated to a live demonstration!! 

The children also have been looking at Australia, making their own aboriginal paintings and discussing their significance. 

Year 1

Many of the Rupert House staff also shared their expertise with the children including Madame Sheriff (France) who encouraged French cultural awareness with all the children including landmarks, food and celebrations, Mr Wuestner (China), Mrs Hobdell (Malaysia), Mrs Ramos (Spain), Miss Potts and Mrs Pettifer (Australian art and Irish baking), Mrs Warner (Scotland) and Mr Dwinell who organised a call with an American school.

Madame Sheriff was grateful for the support of the Rupert House parents who came into school to share their expertise with the children.