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Henley's Great Big Green Week

Across the school this week we have been talking about climate change and the environment as part of Henley's Great Big Green Week.

The Nursery children have been talking about the environmental benefits of holidaying in the UK. They painted their own grass and created their own campsite, complete with teepee, campfire and a picnic. They have also been talking about natural habitats and making some areas that hedgehogs, mice and owls might like to visit. On Wednesday, they picked some apples from our very own apple tree which they will be using to make some yummy apple turnovers. 


The children in Reception B have also been talking about nature, creatures and their habitats. They made houses for mice out of lego, and created a wonderfully colourful display for their wall which has all sorts of insects and creatures on it that they have created themselves including ladybirds, bees, spiders and birds.


Year 2 spent a sunny afternoon at Forest School this week. They explored the nature around them and found woodlice, millipedes, spiders and even a bird jaw bone. 


Year 3 have been making bird feeders in their science lesson this week. While learning about healthy eating, they spent some time thinking about the food animals eat. They made some tasty bird feeders with bread, cheese and apple, hung them in the school garden and watched to see which birds might come.


Children in every year group coloured posters to put up around school in the windows to join the rest of the town in displaying a vanishing species to make a “trail” for families to follow, and to show that we care about climate action.

Henley's Great Big Green Week Posters
Henley's Great Big Green Week posters