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Henley Youth Festival Art Competition winners

Well done to everyone for their wonderful entries into the Henley Youth Festival Art Competition.

Congratulations to the following pupils who have won prizes for their entries:

  • Maya S and Neve VB: First prize in the 9-11 2D category
  • Teddy B: Second prize in the 3D 7-8 category
  • Isla W: Highly Commended in the 7-8 2D category
  • Daisy W: Highly Commended in the 9-11 2D category
  • Aoife S and Clemmie W: Highly Commended in the 9-11 2D category
  • Seren Q: Highly Commended in the 3D 9-11 category

The prize giving is being held in the Elizabeth II Hall at the Town Hall, Henley-on-Thames, on Saturday 11th March for the winners, starting at 12pm.

Teddy B
Isla W
Seren Q
Daisy W
Aoife S & Clemmie W
Maya S & Neve VB