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Fire station fun

The Reception children went on an exciting visit to Henley Fire Station on Friday 3rd May, where they learned all about fire safety and the role of firefighters.

They were told lots of interesting facts. They learned that the fire service looks after people, animals and the environment, about the different types of uniform worn by firefighters and the equipment they use. They discovered that a fire engine has 1000 items in it so it has to be kept really tidy so the crew can find things in an emergency, it takes 4 people to put up the big ladder and the water carried by the fire engine can only last up to 12 minutes when putting out a fire.

The children enjoyed trying on helmets and jackets and laughing at the teachers who got kitted up in a hazmat suit! They also had a go at ‘stop, drop and roll’ in case their clothing ever catches alight, and the best bits… sitting in a fire engine and squirting the hoses!

Thank you to Michael, Andy and Ralph at Henley Fire Station for taking the time to teach us such important lessons and for letting us have some fun in the process!