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Le voyage en France des élèves en année 6

The Year 6 French trip by 6P

Last week, Year 6 went to France. We started the bus journey to the Eurotunnel full of excitement and we were soon in France. After dinner, we found out who was in our rooms and had a tour around the Chateau and the village. 

Over the week we visited many interesting places. On Tuesday, in the underground city at Naours, we looked round the dark caves and learned a lot about the history of the people who lived there. At the goat farm we got the chance to try fresh goats' cheese, milked a goat and held some baby goats.  

On Wednesday, we visited the battlefields of the Somme and the Albert Museum. It was fascinating to walk in the trenches and see no man’s land after learning about it in history.  

On Thursday, at the sweet shop, we watched how they made sweets and it was intriguing to find out that the sweets were only made of sugar and water with a bit of fruit flavouring. Afterwards, we headed to the lake for a chilly but fun and adventurous afternoon of kayaking, archery and orienteering.  

On our last day, we stopped at a snail farm on the way home and some of us were brave enough to eat a snail! 

What an amazing week we all had in France and we’ve taken home lots of great memories!