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Debating Day

On 7th February Mrs Clough took three Year 6 children to The Oratory School near Reading for a very exciting competition of debating!

We arrived in the morning and completed three workshops: a mock debate, a great game of 'Just A Minute', and finally a 'Balloon Debate', where the children had to argue for their place in a hot air balloon or else be (metaphorically) thrown overboard! 

After a delicious lunch, the children were given their final debating motion: This house believes that living in the countryside is better than living in the city. Our team were opposing this motion, and spent about half an hour thinking of all the amazing things they could about living in the city.

Then it was time for the final debate! It was a difficult task as many of the audience were originally staunchly in favour of living in the countryside, but the RHS team won their debate by persuading more people to change their minds. Julia even won a gold medal for being Speaker of the Day!  

We had an amazing day and the children were, as always, a credit to the school.  

Debating Day