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Children's Mental Health Week

This week, we have been working with children across the school on various activities as part of Children's Mental Health Week.

In Reception, the children raided the school dressing-up cupboard for colourful clothes. They then made themselves into a rainbow and stood hand in hand to play the squeezing hand game. They also read and talked about the story of Noah and his arc and how, at the end, a beautiful rainbow filled the sky.

In Year 4, they talked about building healthy connections and, during their French lesson, they were encouraged to find out more about their classmates by asking each other questions. The children completed a survey and all found out interesting facts about their friends - all in French!

Children from all year groups worked together in their classes to make paper chains. Each child wrote their name and drew a small picture or wrote a few positive words on their own link. In Friday's assembly, we joined them all together and hung them in the hall to symbolise our whole school connection. They also all learned and sang a Rupert House version of the song 'We are the World'.

Reception Rainbow

Reception paper chains