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Centenary Maths Week

This week we celebrated our centenary through Maths.

Across the school, the children have been busy taking part in activities related to the number 100.

The Reception children each counted out 10 Lego bricks until they made 100. They looked at what 100 bricks looked like on the table, then built one model with 100 bricks. We enjoyed threading 10 beads on a pipe cleaner, which we attached together to make a chain – totalling 710 beads!

Year 1 celebrated our Centenary Maths Week by seeing how far they could get in 100 steps. Then they focused on 100 seconds, seeing how many laps of the grass they could run, how many times they could throw a ball in pairs, and then made the number 100 together as a group on the grass!

They also helped Madame Sheriff to find French numbers that were hiding outside! The children demonstrated that they can all count up to 20 in French and learned that the word “centenary” has the root word “cent” in it, which means 100 in French. Well done Year 1!

Year 2 made number squares, completing the grid with all numbers up to 100. They then used the squares to practice their times tables.

Year 2 also worked really hard on their French numbers and played French Bingo to consolidate their French numbers. They worked out that some numbers are logical in French and you can add two numbers like “vingt” and “sept” to obtain “vingt-sept” (27)!

The Year 3 the children counted in French up to the number 30 and played a game of French Bingo. They had great fun consolidating their knowledge of French numbers. 3H also created a rainbow picture and filled it with 100 different colours!

For Centenary Maths Week the Year 4 children were tasked with finding 100 ways to make 100, using different mathematical operations as well as index numbers and square roots. What a lot of creative ideas and clever minds! They also learned French numbers up to 100! They played various fun games with white boards to consolidate their French numbers. 

Children from across the school wrote French numbers adding up to 100 on Madame Sheriff’s number board. Well done everyone!