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Abingdon Music Festival 2023

Recently, 8 young pianists from Rupert House School performed at the Abingdon Music Festival held at the Abingdon Senior School on 4-5th November 2023.

It is a highly attended annual festival, offering over 200 aspiring young musicians from the region the opportunity to perform alongside their peers in age-group events and receive feedback from highly qualified adjudicators for their chosen instruments.   

This year, our Rupert House young pianists each performed one or two pieces that they had been preparing throughout the Autumn Term, to Anthony Williams and Ruth Gerald - both renowned pedagogues, pianists and examiners.  Each performer received an on-the-spot mini lesson to improve their performances before being awarded a certificate with written feedback.

This was their first outing to an open music festival and we are all very impressed by their commitment and their preparation leading up to the festival.  We are also very proud to hear how responsive they had been in working with both adjudicators to improve their performances.  We commend their tremendous courage and resilience to receive feedback in the public - and to try new ideas in their personal quests to improve their pianistic skills.

Well done everyone!



Alice F (Year 3)

Daphne S (Year 3)

Juno G (Year 4)

Lotte G (Year 4)

Rosie C (Year 5)

Georgia H (Year 5)

Kam P (Year 5)

Amelia Molly C (Year 6)