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12th January 2024

Happy New Year to you all and welcome back to RHS families for the beginning of our Centenary year! It has been wonderful to have all the children back in school this week and to hear all about their exciting adventures over the Christmas holidays.


We started the week with a whole school assembly where I talked to the children about New Year’s resolutions and stepping out of their comfort zone by taking the opportunity to try something new. I told the children how I have always wanted to learn to play the saxophone and was given a ‘teach yourself’ book for Christmas before demonstrating my progress so far! We talked about how this corresponds with our school values of courage, creativity, respect and resilience and the children told me some of the things they plan to focus on this year.

We hit the ground running this term with a busy schedule of events starting next week. Years 4 to 6 are heading off to the O2 Arena on Monday for the Young Voices concert, the Year 5 trip to The Ashmolian Museum is on Thursday, there are numerous sports fixtures and a FoRH cake sale on Friday.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,

Nick Armitage