Outside School Hours

Breakfast Club

Many families need to make an early start so we open the door every weekday from 7.30am to allow children to have a cheery breakfast with their friends.  All are welcome and no notice is needed, although children in Nursery should discuss attendance with the Head of Pre Prep before their first visit to Breakfast Club.

After eating, children can chat, play or draw under supervision until the rest of their friends arrive at 8.15am.

After-School Care

We take the same flexible approach to our After-School Care.  Some children attend regularly, some come occasionally and some just drop in as the need arises.  Pre-Prep School children who need care at the end of the day move into After-School Care at the end of the Late Story session and can stay until as late as 5.45pm.  

Prep School pupils join After-School Care at 5.00pm.  Parents can pick up at any time up to 5.45pm, safe in the knowledge that their children have had time to eat and unwind.

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