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Children may enter Nursery the term after their third birthday. Children enter Reception from the Nursery class in the September following their fourth birthday. Children may also join the school at this point, although priority in the allocation of places is given to children who are already attending Rupert House.

Please tick in the table below your preferences for your child's attendance in their first term. 

Changes may be made to your choice of sessions at a later date if you should wish. The expectation is that the attendance of each child in Nursery will build up to a minimum of 3 full days per week by the summer term prior to starting Reception in September. 

We/I enclose a cheque or have made a bank transfer for £75 as a non-refundable registration fee. For children entering the school in Year 1 and above a place will only be offered once your child has visited the school and, where appropriate, a satisfactory reference from the current school has been received and all obligations have been met. At that point, a deposit of £600 is required, which is held until your child moves to their next school. For children entering Nursery or Reception, the deposit is payable 18 months prior to entry. 

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